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I hereby authorize Concepts Unlimited & DI Mktg. Corp. to charge my credit card the amount after check out. I fully understand that I am bound to the terms & conditions stated herein.

Clicking and entering my credit card details means I agree to the terms and condition. I also agree that Concepts Unlimited Makati will charge my credit card for the amount and type of payments stated above.  


1. I undertake to ensure that sufficient funds are kept in my credit card account to facilitate the automatic processing of all payments, failing which the Bank is entitled to reject such payments. In this respect, I authorize the Bank to release the reason(s) or grounds of the rejection of any payment to the Merchant. I further consent to such disclosure and declare that the Bank shall be under no liability for disclosing such information.


2. The Bank is not responsible or liable for any claim, loss, damage, cost and expenses arising from the unsuccessful processing of the debits due to insufficient funds, malfunction of system, electricity failure, and any other factors beyond the control of the Bank, including but not limited to the wrongful debits of my card account due to inaccurate information provided by the Merchant and/or me. Under such circumstances, I shall resolve the particular payment directly with the Merchant.


3. I shall submit a photocopy of my Identity Card, Credit Card and other documents it may required by the Bank, Merchant, (Concepts Unlimited Makati) to support this application  and charges.


4. The Bank reserves the right to reject this application without giving any reason thereof.


5. This authority shall continue to be in force until application’s records is being deleted or updated in the Auto Debit / Bank system following revocation or alteration of the same by giving notice in writing to the Merchant and/or the Bank 30 days prior to the intended revocation or alteration date. I further understand that the Merchant will advise the Bank in writing to delete or update based on my instruction. The Bank is entitled to refuse to make any debit upon notice of my death(s), bankruptcy, dissolution or winding-up.


6. I am fully aware & acknowledge that this payment(s) is processed by (Concepts Unlimited & DI Mktg. Corp.). The Name of (Concepts Unlimited Makati) will be shown on my Credit Card Statement and I will also receive a notification e-mail from Concepts Unlimited Makati on the transaction(s).


7. I shall not for the duration of this debit, terminate, seek a refund or change of any goods or services purchased.


8. Any return of goods and/or cancellation of services by me to the Merchant shall be subject to the Merchant's terms for the return of goods and/or services.


9. The Bank may in its absolute discretion at any time without notice terminate this authorization without assigning any reason therefore, and thereupon the Bank shall be under no obligation to debit my card account to make any further payment save for any of my antecedent obligation/liabilities hereunder and the Bank shall not be held liable for any loss or damage that may be suffered by me or any other third party registered under the authorization herein as a result of such action by the Bank.


10. If my card account is overdrawn, I shall on demand by the Bank make good any amount overdrawn plus any interest thereon which shall be calculated based on the Bank’s interest rate.


11. In the event of an unsuccessful debiting, I hereby authorize the Bank to reattempt the process upon receipt of such instruction from the Merchant.


12. The Bank will not be liable for any inadequate, defective or damaged goods or unsatisfied services or be responsible for any dispute between me and the Merchant and the Bank is authorized to debit the above amount on my card account regardless of any such dispute.


13. The Bank, Merchant, Concepts Unlimited Makati reserves its rights to vary, amend, delete or add to these terms and conditions without prior notice to me and I agree to be bound by such variations, amendments, deletions or additions.


14. Clicking I accept means you agree to the terms and condition. You also agree that Concepts Unlimited Makati will charge your credit card for the amount and type of payments stated above.

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