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A. LITTLE KIDDIE RIDES - Quack-Quack, Kiddie Wheel, Little Tykes, Tea Cup, Kiddie Bumper Car, Rodeo and Ball Pool.

B. FAMILY RIDES - Grand Carousel, Magic Forest, Red Baron, Super Telecombat, Happy Swing, Dragon Express, Wacky Worm, Scream Avenue, Star Dome and Giant Star Wheel.

C. OLDER KID, TEEN AND ADULT RIDES - Bumper Boats, Bumper Cars 1 & 2, Jumping Star, Tornado and Blizzard.

D. EXTREME RIDES - Viking Ship, Surf Dance, Jungle Splash, Star Flyer, and Star Frisbee.

E. ATTRACTIONS - Land of the Giants, Peter Pan, Time Tunnel, Pirates Adventure, Dungeon and Gabi ng Lagim.

Rides Restrictions Apply

DOES NOT INCLUDE: Midway Games, Coin-Operated Machines, Snow World, Lazer Blaster, Zip Adventure and Walk on Water.

Entrance fee included


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